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    Conservative Coalition - Democrats Treaty

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    Conservative Coalition - Democrats Treaty Empty Conservative Coalition - Democrats Treaty

    Post by RWA on Mon 10 May 2010 - 21:00


    Recognizing the unfortunate situation
    that has
    beset the Conservative Coalition and the strong friendship
    between it
    and the region of Democrats thus seeks a union for the
    enjoyment of this game.

    Article I

    region titled
    "The Conservative Coalition" within the Nation States
    game, hereby
    refereed to as "CC" will become a dominion of the
    region titled
    "Democrats", hereby refereed to as "Dems". As a
    Dominion of of Dems, the
    CC region will be placed on lock-down. A
    password will be in place that
    is known ONLY to the sitting Delegate
    of Dems as well as the chief
    members of the "Conservative Coalition
    Party", hereby refereed to as
    "CCP". As a Dominion all official
    residents and citizens of the CC will
    be welcomed to Dems proper and
    be given full citizenship. At the end of a
    seven period the Founder
    of CC - Fraunkenstein OR the sitting WA
    Delegate RWA is authorized
    to begin expulsions on the nations within in
    order to secure it.
    Only nations authorized by CCP leadership will be
    allowed to enter
    or exist within the region.

    Article II

    CCP will be established at the onset of this treaties approval. It will
    act as a political party of Dems but also serve as the central location
    for the administration of the CC region itself. This will be headed by
    Neo Nazis and Right-Wing _America the current Speaker of the CC
    Congress and the WA Delegate. They are charged with
    the proper running of this party and its duties as it fits
    its bounds. At any time that CCP leadership undertakes the
    of independence OR change in status of the CC region
    they must
    initiate a vote among the remaining citizens from the
    departure OR
    in the event less then 3 remain a vote of the general Dems
    system. This vote is for the reestablishment ONLY. A change
    status must be treated as the CCP and Dems legislature as two
    bodies in which amendments are made to this treaty.

    WA Delegate
    Chief Forum Administrator
    Representative to Democrats
    Author of Original Constitution & Second Constitution
    Author of the Third Constitution of the Conservative Coalition
    etc. etc. etc.

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